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American Bulldog Information

Thank you for your interest in the American Bulldog . The American Bulldog is a breed of dog that would make a great addition to either a single person or family. American Bulldogs are great working dogs used for hunting and various types of protection. They also do really well in the sport of weight pulling. Since the American Bulldogs have such a strong foundation known for their good disposition, they do make fine pets for someone looking for a companion. They can easily become an additional family member.

American Bulldogs are one of the few bona fide actual working dogs proudly out of the United States. They are becoming ever so popular world wide each and every year. These dogs originally from various parts of Europe as well as Asia found their way to America after hundreds of years of selective breeding for "bulldogs" that were functional(not the current and unfortunately more famous English Bulldog of the AKC which is bred strictly for the show ring and can not function in a working capacity).The working "bulldog" migrated from Europe to America and found work as farm utility dogs. They were used as catch dogs with cattle or to rid their property from coyotes or wolves. As was the case in England or any other country that had these various bull breeds. Hunters also would use their bulldogs to catch wild boar. It's been said that some of the bigger American Bulldogs were used as protection dogs on plantations in the southern states or wherever a good guard dog was needed.

Long ago there wasn't a logged record or pedigree for the bulldogs, although Some people may have kept hand written pedigrees for their own use. For the most part these bulldogs were bred for function. The best working dogs for whatever task were bred to perpetuate a legacy of the working bulldog. Some of the names they went by were "Old Southern Whites", "Old English Whites", "Southern Bulldog", " American Pitbull dogs" and probably some others as well. Most people referred to their dogs simply as "bulldogs". Today there are still bulldogs in the mountainous regions of the south that go by the name "Old English White" or "Southern Bulldog". American Pitbull dog was a name that they went by when they first started registering them but was later changed to American Bulldog to distance the breed from the stigma that is related to the American Pitbull Terrier.

Fanciers of the American Bulldogs are truly fortunate. By this, I mean there are plenty of dogs that are in a working dog category but so many times is the case of these other breeds that there are actually two types of each breed, one that has maintained the original ability that it was originally intended for and it's counterpart the show dog which unfortunately because of being bred mainly for looks have often lost some or all of there natural abilities. Now the American Bulldog, because some care was taken by certain breeders of the past such as J.D Johnson,Allen Scott,Joe Painter as well as Mr. Williamson and the care taken by certain American Bulldog breeders of the present, these fine specimens have in most cases fortunately retained their natural abilities. They are as follows, a very strong bond with man to be in a family unit eager to please very good with and protective of children. Their instinctive drive allows them to be used in the field of protection and in the field of hunting or weight pulling. These dogs are extremely intelligent which makes it fairly easy when it comes for their obedience training. American Bulldogs have a moderately short coat making it pretty easy to take care of. The color that these dogs have are generally from solid white to about 75% white with about 25% of shades of red, buckskin and varied shades of brindle. Occasionally and more commonly there will be some bulldogs with more of the brindle or buckskin coloring. These dogs range in size from females between approx. 60lbs.-90lbs. to males ranging in size to from about 80lbs. to 120lbs. and sometimes bigger. The smaller of these dogs are going to be very athletic, however the bigger "bullier" looking ones will have more than enough athletic ability for the average bulldog owner. A moderate amount of exercise will be required to keep these dogs happy, you will also find it to be beneficial to the dogs health and longevity.

About Espinoza's American Bulldogs

Here at Espinoza's American Bulldogs our main goal is the reproduction of sound American Bulldogs. I think this can be accomplished by taking pride in what leaves my yard. The foundation stock of bulldogs on my yard come from mostly Johnson or what also can be referred to Classic or Bully lines that have been crossed with a bit of Scott & Painter(the Performance or Standard lines) which have proven to be a worthwhile combination of blending these strains to get a Bully type of dog with performance type ability. I do believe in selective breeding and try my best to match a prospective puppy owner with the best puppy for their needs (even if the puppy is from someone elses kennel). I do believe in line-breeding as well as in-breeding as I think this is a fundamental practice needed to produce quality offspring. I'm not going to bore you at this time with details of warranty, what I will say that like people not all dogs are perfect and if you receive a dog from us that has any severe genetic defect then you have the right to some type of compensation. You would have to check our warranty page for details. Lastly my advice to you is, if you are seriously looking for an American Bulldog make sure and do some form of research, don't by on impulse(choose a pup outside of the realm of how cute it is) and the cheapest dog isn't always your best bargain. Sometimes problems could arise if the breeder is selling the pup cheap due to some type of suspected health problem or they might not have kept the puppy current with vaccinations or worming schedules. There are times when you can become the fortunate recipient of a puppy that has been taken very well care of for a really good price as well. You would have to do a good amount of research to make sure that you don't get taken advantage of. If this happens to be your first time looking for an American Bulldog puppy or your looking for a breeder closer to your area, try the other breeders on my links page. You can also check the A.B.R link that I have listed. As far as books go I can only recommend one "The Working American Bulldog". I have read this book from cover to cover and found it full of interesting facts and opinions on this fine breed. The Author definitely did a great deal of research to get this book written. I would say it would be a must for anyone who was seriously looking toward the American Bulldog as a possibility of purchase. Another book is " The World Of Fighting Dogs". I have only read the the American Bulldog chapter which goes by the name "American Pitbull Dog" and would say to borrow this book or try to find it at the library. This "chapter" is only six pages of written text which includes pictures so there is not much information. There are some nice pictures of old time American Bulldogs however. There are several other books out there that you could read as well which can be found on the A.B.A website as well as the American Bulldog Resources website. If you have any questions I would be happy to anwer them either by phone or e-mail. Thanks for your time and good luck with the acquisition of your American Bulldog.

Gilbert Espinoza III