symmes' rip n' woody
mgk's gator red
symmes' slashin sheena
bailey's ironman tyson
johnson's dozer bruno
mgk's doozey
ruby farneti
excalibur's conan of manstoppers
mullen's bubba
galindo's seige
mullen's tonka
ironhead's montana roja
action jackson
action's jackie
peeler's miss bully buck
mgk's bam bam
kennedy's damien
mgk's tulsa
pete's grim reaper
woody's poison of sure grip
frances' sadie
leclerc's viper
espinoza's chula
rice's casper
dailey's opie one kenobi
johnson's sugar doll 62
pete's demona
johnson's machine brutis 3
dailey's mustang salley
dailey's belle star




3 years

white w/small amount of brindle

owner-Graham MacDoanald-Smith

breeder-Eastbay American Bulldogs

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