johnson's dick the bruiser 2
mullen's bubba
blackwell's black eyed susan
torrez rex
johnson's tug jordan
mullen's tequila
mullen's tonka
torrez playboy
btk's got the ghat
btk's silverman
btk's got the ghatty
torrez zena
tank rodriguez
torrez estrella
torrez sunshine
mgk's bam bam
kennedy's damien
mgk's tulsa
pete's grim reaper
woody's poison of sure grip
frances' sadie
leclerc's viper
espinoza's chula
rice's casper
dailey's opie one kenobi
johnson's sugar doll 62
pete's demona
johnson's machine brutis 3
dailey's mustang salley
dailey's belle star




20 months

red buckskin with white

owner-Nick Martinez

breeder-Eastbay American Bulldogs

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